Rachel Zoe is Preggo!0 Comments

Posted on 19 Apr 2011 at 10:47am

Fashion stylist for celebrities, the ever skinny Rachel Zoe, is three months in her pregnant state!  Incredible!

Who would have thought that almost looks unhealthy, may become pregnant!

Naturally, because this is the first child for her and her husband, Roger Berman, two boiling with excitement.

A reliable source who also shared:

“Rachel never told anyone about her that she and her husband Roger have tried for a child, and because of its ultra-thin shape and habit as a workaholic was the last of that man. Rachel even asked customers to  bring  their  children  not fitting in at her studio, so it’s never been a real help that is what she was longing for … But now that she is pregnant, she tells people that this is what she wanted and Roger for many years and it finally to the level of  success  where it  can afford to go for a while.”

Best wishes to their now growing family!  And it’ll be interesting to see Rachel Zoe deal with the weight gain and getting rid of stretch marks post-pregnancy.

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