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Posted on 08 Sep 2015 at 11:52am

Robert Pattinson declared he would entirely be down to perform another ‘Twilight’ film however would he do one with Kristen Stewart?

We are sure about Miss Edward and Bella, however will Robert and Kristen is going to do another Twilight movie along? The actor expresses interested in reprising his role as the hunky vampire in a latest interview, however there would be a catch.

Rob talked with Elle France and they discussed Twilight being a happy accident where he met with David Cronenberg the director. While he was asked if he would perform another movie based off of the vapire franchise from author Stephenie Meyer, he mentioned, “Why not” before you get very thrilled get this. As well he was asked regarding Kristen, however unfortunately he did not wanted to talk regarding her. He mentioned, “I preferred not to broach the subject.” Anyhow we are not sure regarding what Twilight would be without Rob and Kristen as the leads. The both chemistry was amazing and we cannot picture anyone else perform Edward and Bella.


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