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Posted on 03 Jun 2013 at 8:46am

I wasn’t involved in making any house arrangement in the last summer during the tight quarters I and my wife told some of our married friends about the beach cottage. We had no place for the news born but to put in a crib between us as there was a kitchen with our bedroom, we had a single room with double bed unlike our friends who enjoyed a lot as their toddlers went in the bedroom and dibbed on the masters. During the vacation the best thing for me was to have sex having said that I don’t mean I can’t do that the next week, anyway that was how we used to have sex. I was awakened in most of the mornings by the sound of boots knocking on the door which is followed by the cooing in den over cups of post coital Folgers happening as well. The beauty of the sunrise couldn’t be realized by my wife as she used to wear earplugs. My friends were jealous and asked and surprised at the same time that how your wife couldn’t care about how much sex you people did. My wife replied that we can’t sleep on the same bed and I thought she was right that doesn’t make me feel upset. My friends say that there is no day when they don’t do sex. Even they were seen doing twice a week making them look like freaks.  There is no second though according to me. A comfortable feelings comes when I feel that we are having sex like others and I don’t think that there is any other couple doing more sex than we use to do, as we see many people doing sex outside like my wife’s hot friend and there are many others around and not just that an awkward feeling comes when babies are born accidently because of their careless relations seen very often.  That is the point when observation turns to obsession quickly when you’re a hard-up skinny guy who can point to the exact day his child was conceived giving a strange feeling.

Couple Sex Image

Couple Sex Image

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