Victoria Beckham Starts Flagship Outlet with Her Family0 Comments

Posted on 25 Sep 2014 at 7:05am

Victoria Beckham Starts Flagship Outlet with Her Family

Victoria Beckham Starts Flagship Outlet with Her Family

Victoria Beckham made the plan that her family will start work in a boutique. Victoria Beckham is the British fashion designer, who has been working in the fashion field with her husband, David Beckham. They had four children named Brooklye, 15, Romeo, 12, Cruz 9 and Harper 3 years old. She started working in the fashion market by establishing her first flagship outlet in Mayfair, Dover Street, London. She said that her husband, David Beckham and her elder son will help her in working in the outlet as part time.

The 40 years old footballer told to Grazia magazine of UK that he loved working for retail. He will work to take the appointment from the customers as he will work on the door to welcome the customers and Brooklyn will work on Saturday.

Brooklyn is still schooling and he also worked in local café in his part time. David said that her wife helped in working for the collection of the British fashion brand, Belstaff and he was also there to help her in working for the fashion brand. He said that her wife took great care of the things and he found lucky for having such a vigilant wife. He takes care of his collection and she does on her collections. She shared her ideas with her husband and he asked about her thinking of the things. He thinks he feels great being married with such a person, who takes proper care of you. They share their ideas and advise each other on different things on different occasions. They discussed about the dresses what they were wearing and what was good for them?

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