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Posted on 09 Dec 2015 at 11:23am

It will be the most outstanding thing for Scott Disick while he is taking credit for the name of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s baby “Saint” as he told that the beautiful name was taken after inspiring from him.

Everyone is eager to know about the reason behind the strange name of Saint West West for the first child of Kim Kardashian (35) and Kanye West (38) while Scott Disick (32) claimed the whole credit for this name and says that the parents want their child to be like him who can do no wrong and becomes the most holy person.

scott disick

scott disick

Scott has a feeling that his personality inspired Kim and Kanye to choose this name for their child as the baby boy was named “Saint” after his birth on 5th December. It was told by a source close to Scott Disick that the happy parents were able to give blessing to their child by the name “Saint” due to the originality of Scott.

It was told on 7th December that Scott thinks himself to be holier than others and even in front of his family, he called himself saint several times while the family took it as entertaining. Scott likes this name and hopes that the child will prove to be a saint in the future also. But one thing he might not note that “Saint Robert West” could be the name given for honor to Kim’s late father.

According to reports, 8 pounds 1 ounce is the weight of baby “Saint” after his birth. Previously, we were told that apart from Saint, Legend was also a name considered by the people before the birth of their child but they decided to postpone the decision of baby’s name till birth and finalized the name after few days of birth. Now they have two babies with two very original names of “North West and Saint”. We congratulate the couple for their child and hope best for his future.



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