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Dries Van Noten was the successful designer of the ‘Antwerp Six’ who exhibited his collections in London in March 1986. His products including full skirts, soft jackets and scarves which were embroidered traditionally, using the techniques of India, Morocco or Eastern Europe – whichever and wherever the culture fascinated him and he copies it and presented in this collection.

Dries Van Noten was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1958. His family was known as the family of retailers and tailors. Van Noten got admission in Royal Academy in 1975, to meet the educational demands; he had to work as freelance designer for different commercial fashion companies and purchaser for his father’s boutiques. After exhibiting the legendary show in London, Van Noten sold small stock of male shirts to Barney in New York and Whistle in London, at that time these boutiques had requested to make female dresses in smaller size. In the same year, Van Noten opened his own small outlets in Antwerp which was replaced by the larger Het Modepaleis in 1989 after some.

He exhibited his male stock in Paris for the first time in 1991 and female collection in 1993. Van Noten is surely the most fascinating Belgian fashion designer but his theory about fashion is very different from conventional. He gives importance to design dresses one by one, providing his customers a sense of individuality but not creating a stock of one design in huge number around one theme.

He exhibited his fiftieth fashion collection in 2004 by giving away dinner in Paris where models wore his spring/summer 2005 stock and cat walked along dining tables and this event was also remembered for the publication of a book Dries Van Noten 01-50. Now he has established three boutiques and 500 outlets throughout the world and is still busy in his work in Antwerp.

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