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Posted on 26 Apr 2011 at 7:22am

For the longest time, I didn’t really “get” Twitter. I scoffed at the idea of being connected to ever single thought or whim someone had… but now, after following a few people on Twitter, I’m hopelessly hooked. If your own Twitter awakening hasn’t happened yet, perhaps you’re not following the right people! Here are 7 people to follow on Twitter.

1. The Bronx Zoo Cobra @BronxZoosCobra

After the Bronx Zoo has lost one of his cobras last month, he started tweeting about his (short) issued in the city. Already, the new captive, he manages to update its hundreds of thousands of supporters with such amusing tweets that this recent one: I know the zoo does not like when you tap on the glass, but I have nothing against it. In fact, feel free to point out really hard. With a hammer yet.

2. Conan O’Brien @ConanOBrien

I started following Conan after he lost his cushy night-time talk show job… oh wait… yeah. He’s utterly hilarious, and makes me guffaw (not just giggle) at least once or twice a day. A recent favorite tweet: If the government shuts down, the IRS will be closed, according to my accountant, Wesley Snipes.

3. Wil Wheaton @wilw

You may remember Wil Wheaton as the nerdy kid from “Stand by Me” or the nerdy kid from TV’s “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” but I prefer to think of him as the nerdy older kid who’s still nerdy and still funny. A recent tweet: Me: Have you ever heard a busy signal? My friend’s 15 year-old son: What’s that? Me: … My friend: … His son: …what?


4. Alison Arngrim @Armgrim

Here is someone else on Twitter I follow just for the nostalgic value, and also perhaps because she is so funny! Alison’m blonde brat Nellie Olson on “Little  House  on the Prairie” series, and is now an outspoken advocate for children’s rights. A recent tweet: So when I live tweeted from my breast, made ​​it technically makes this “cackle”? Or was it a “Live Teat”?

5. The Onion @TheOnion

Before you freak when you visit for the first time, be aware none of this is ACTUAL NEWS, it’s simply amusing satire. That said, follow The Onion on Twitter, and keep up to date on all of the newest phony news. A recent headline tweet: Doritos celebrates one millionth ingredient.

6. Charlie Sheen @charliesheen

Sure, his life something of an accident right now, but I must admit, he is insanely fun to follow on Twitter. Something about his good cheer is almost manic, and as long as he does not harm himself or someone else, I do not feel bad laughing with him, on him.

7. Chelsea Handler @chelseahandler

I shouldn’t have listed her last, certainly not below the Bronx Zoo cobra, but here she is. She’s almost as funny on Twitter as she is in real life. For instance, she recently mentioned having Reese Witherfork on her show. That’s the kind of world-play I like. I’m a nerd like that.

These are just a handful of the celebs and others I follow on Twitter, and now I’m even getting updates on my phone. I’m hooked! Almost every celeb you can think of tweets now, so look them up and start following them! It’s so much fun! Which of these people do you follow on Twitter? Is there someone else I need to follow, too? Please let me know!

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