Finally One One Three Label Brought Edge to the plus Size World0 Comments

Posted on 15 Aug 2013 at 10:45am

Actually they wanted to wear London natives Naima Ali and Keenan Goldstone took matters fabric in their own hands and their fashion level drummed up as a result, One One Three because they were frustrated with the lack of stylish plus-size clothes and motivated by a desire to own clothing. The latest collection features a more urban-feminine look, complete jackets and floral dresses surely with a few edgy pieces thrown in for good measure as compared to the first collection which was filled with dark and edgy designs in a palette of white, red and black. When we talk about our first collection it only reflected our one side and we wanted to show other different shades we well in One One Three. Every design is different from the other which seems like we are taking turns to design pieces. According to the Duo every piece introduced by us will be different and revolutionary. Compared to other size lines what exactly is the line which makes it truly revolutionary after all? The ladies tell us that it is made for fat girls by the fat girls. One thing is for sure regardless of their future collections that One One Three will remove all the barriers between themselves and what you have ever dreamt of.

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