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Posted on 26 Aug 2015 at 6:21am

You will remember the most pure luxury after thinking about Adam Lippes. There is a mixture of quality and grace in his clothes and there is nothing strange in the fact that shoppers who look for quality products always prefer him in every season. These lovers of Adam Lippes clothes will get lot of designs this season through the upcoming collection. There will be all checked and completely line features of oversize shapes in this collection while home ware and menswear are the new features added in this collection by the designer.

Lippes says that the atmosphere of the Target Collection is same like his main collection. It’s stylish, purified and there are promoted pieces that a woman can put in her wardrobe and keep and use them for a longer period. There are painted shirt dresses suggested and shown during his fall collection 2014 while there are also cut off bomber jackets in light brown and soft ivory prints, flats with white net outline and pointed-toe pumps. But outerwear is the best among them. He used mohair fabric to design that coat which is very soft with cream and gray color but it is oversize. Lippes shouted that it is not only fashion but a wearable fashion.

The consumers are curious that how Lippes could be able to produce large scale of dresses with high quality finishing and his skill of fabric development. He says that finishing of the product is more important than the outside dress and they finished the dress by the way which makes it unbelievable. In the coats, all the pockets are beautifully linked to the coats.
He told that there is one goal in mind for all the development, research and design that he could bring a smile to the woman who wears the clothes design by him. If he achieves this then his job is done.


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