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Posted on 10 Oct 2015 at 9:18am

Stella McCartney exhibited the dresses with the upbeat side of neutral. She has designed this collection, which is more exuberant than the usual and it is added with the affirmative action of different graphics, audacious color and sports references, which are provided with strong and approachable sensuality.

The designer has prepared the big and fanciful tablecloth for looks and it is added with polo shirt. She changed the two summer casual classics into the chic stuff, which is in curved sections and they clung through the torso before they are opened into the relaxed long skirts. The dresses have the feisty knits crisscrossed with the layers of sheet stripes to have the sexy sport-if. The pattern of the dresses play with the different color combinations like black, yellow, red, and green and these motifs are added with bold and linear motifs in the high energy position. The color-coding is continued with the excellent pleats and the undulating tiers are moved with and they are fallen away from the body and the dresses are prepared in orange, over pink, green plaid and the grey is over the acid green.

McCartney has different approaches about the dress collection and she adds the dark denim with pastel knits. The polo shirt is paired with new appealing suits. The dresses are featured with white on black and these are provided in decent style. The vibrant embroidered dresses are excellent for evening and other dresses retain the breezy summer mood. The fabulous collection of footwear with offbeat upgrades to the flip-flops and the fashion lovers can know the happy looking of the collection.



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