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Posted on 30 Jan 2014 at 11:02am

From last some years, Dubai has become the center of fashion and business activities. Various shopping malls and centers came into being and it also established a duty free shop for the people of all over the world.  Various fashion brands have set up their branches in this city and fashion shows are also managed in this city. Burj Khalifa is a new addition in the fashion market, which is the tallest building of the world. This is the world class destination of the fashion world and it is the magnificent masterpiece of construction. The government has decided to construct this Burj Khalifa in Dubai to change the image of the country from oil based state to a new and diversified business activity centre unique in the whole world. This is the excellent center for doing the shopping for the Christmas and New Year events.


Burj Khalifa-Dubai Luxury Shopping Destination Pics

Burj Khalifa-Dubai Luxury Shopping Destination Pics

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