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Posted on 21 May 2012 at 6:47am

Women of Asian countries are fond of making hairstyles on weddings or parties etc. Certainly wedding day is important day in every bride’s life that every bride wishes to look special on that day. Everyone including bride want everything perfect from head to toe including hairstyle which is most important element of the wedding. Today Classic bridal updo hairstyle is thought to be best.



Following steps should be taken for creating the best Classic updo hairstyles:

(1) Gather all the hairs at the nape but some locks should be left in front then use hairspray on all hair to set. Twist the hair at the back of head firmly.

(2) Now make layers of back hairs towards the nape. The end part should be below and under the twist.
(3) Make secure the twist by using left hand and pin it up by bobby pins with right hand but pins should be hidden. Sufficient pins are used to save and make tight the hairs.

(4) Take the locks over the left ear and make it safe with bobby pins. At the end of all spray the hairs to set them all in perfect position. The perfect Classic bridal updo hairstyle is ready.

Healthy hair Tips:

•           Add one table spoon of honey in 4 cups of hot water and use on hairs after shampooing the hair and dry them with blotting papers for shiny hairs.

•           Use shampoo of wheat protein and polymer for shiny hairs while use shampoos that contain silk amino acid which softens and repair hairs structure, for normal hair.

•           Use pomades for making hair moisturizing all the time.

•           Combine one gram pepper with 100 gram curd and use once a week for black hairs and to minimize hair falling.

•           For prevention of hair falling and curing the dandruff, mash beet root leaves mixed with heena paste, use on hairs.

•           Make mixture of 300 gm coconut oil with 3 gm black pepper and warm swiftly to get it ready and then pour this mixture in bottle and massage with finger tips at night in order to get healthy hairs.

•           Always remember to use light shampoo if you want to get your hairs voluminously and avoid conditioner because conditioner are heavy in nature.

•           Include vegetables in your diet and fruits like spinach, tomatoes, citrus frits, kale, green chili etc, containing vitamin C for healthy long hairs.

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