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Posted on 06 Jun 2013 at 7:54am

Though it seems that hormones have different behavior in different time especially in the few days for women but you may be surprise to hear that hormones have tendency to reduce your weight, make you feel better, stay active and sleep tight. This page will help you as you find five ways that can resolve your problem if used in a positive manner.

The function of the good hormones is that it increases the pain resistance as a result you feel less pain and feel very light.

Weight Loosing Fitness Model Image

Weight Loosing Fitness Model Image

The way to reduce the nerve feeling on your tongue is the use of spicy foods that results in endorphins being produced. You also need to add some cayenne pepper to roasted potatoes or popcorn; you can also try hot sauce in grilled cheese or try hot sauce in scrambled eggs, or add chopped pickled jalapeƱos to potato salad or sandwiches

The other ways to stablelize nose nerves that transmit signals to the brain and as result endorphins are produced is by smelling potpourri including mint and peppermint gum should be chewed.

Staying alert is recommended and that could be done with the help of dopamine which controls and enhances the long term memory and your concentration. You can get exceptional results in you motivation by just outpouring dopamine.

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