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Statue of Lady Diana be Made at her 20th Anniversary of Death

Posted on 30 Jan 2017 at 10:17am

Lady Diana is the most popular princess of UK and she got tremendous popularity due to her beauty and attraction. She was died in a road accident 20 years before and now orders have been issued to make her stature in her memory.

Prince William and Prince Harry, sons of Princess Lady Diana have issued order to make the statue of their mother to remember her. The statue of their mother will be made in her previous residence of their mother Lady Diana, Kensington Palace. It is expected that the work will be started very soon to work on this project. The British queen has also supported the construction of…

Famous women who cheated their husband

Posted on 06 Feb 2015 at 7:40am

Deception is always linked with men but in fact most of the famous women also proved that they are unfaithful for their husbands. Women from Elizabeth Taylor to Lady Diana and Jennifer Lopez to Madonna are in this list.

Lady Diana

Lady Diana is one of the most famous women of her time. She was liked by everyone after her marriage with Prince Charles on 29th July 1981. 75 million people from around the globe watched their wedding ceremony. One year before her separation with Prince Charles in 1996, Lady Diana admitted her…


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