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By zeeshan
Posted on 23 Aug 2016 at 5:57am

Lopez says that the women should prepare their skin properly and they can apply the concealer on their eyes. They can moisturize the face and around the eyes at the night time so that it can supple and plump in the morning. When they start applying concealer, they can hydrate the eye area with the fine quality moisturizer and wait for few moments so that it can absorb in the skin. If you do not do so then the concealer might slip from there and crease. They can opt for hydrating formula and it should not be thick like Avene PhysioLift Eyes for $44 or iS Clinicals Eye Complex for $95.

The women should think what they are using according to color and formula. Most of the women use concealer does not gel with their skin type. The women and girls should work with the expert to find the perfect formulation and shade. The creative director and founder of Motives said that they want to make sure that they are using match perfectly with the skin tone and skin concerns. The women need to do little housekeeping and they check their makeup drawer to make the better formulation. The women should have at least two to three different shades and they use lighter one during the winter season and dark during summer so that their concealers can match perfectly with the skin.

The women should use the fingers to blend their concealer and they should apply under eyes to make it little drier and they can get it more beneficial, if they use their fingertips, after using it with the natural oils. Lopez says that the warmth of skin can allow the product to spread more and they need to spread concealer with brush and use it to blend out the product and tap with the finger to soften the streaks. The experts say that the good concealer brush or blending sponge like Motives dual blending sponge for $14 or trusty beauty blender for $20 are important to get the best coverage. The brushes are used to blend the product without breaking it down. When the women use fingers, the remove lot of makeup and the products can get broken down.

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