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Posted on 05 Mar 2013 at 6:36am

Now the people should adopt some unique and latest techniques to loose the flesh and become slim and smart. They should adopt the different techniques for loosing the weight.

weight loss

weight loss

1.  Snap your food

The scientists in the University of Wisconsin-Madison, US said that you should take a photograph of the food, which you are eating rather than you make a list of the food. This snap will help you in remembering what you are eating these days. They also suggested that you should make record of about 43 people by making their photographs and in words and looked that what they ate during one week. You should develop your photo diary to remember and encourage different eating habits. When you make the photo of your meal then it will be easy for you that what did you eat and now what you are going to eat.

2. Sleep more

The people who do not sleep well and for long times, their body weight is increased. There are various other reasons that most of the people who like junk foods, they seemed that their brains are tired. The Scientists of St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center and Columbia University has revealed what are the responses of the normal body weight people when they use the unhealthy foods and if they are given the healthy foods like fruit and porridge. They found the human brain shows attraction for the junk food rather than accepting the healthy food when they are feeling fatigued. This mean if a person does not sleep well and he wakes up with sleepy eyes and minds then his brain will realize fatigue.

It is also observed in some researches that the activity of the brain feels impaired and fatigued when people feel having less sleep. If it is not working well then the choice of food will also not good and healthy and people will eat balanced diet in their meal.

3. Make a fist

The research has also been undertaken on the volunteers who do not use fattening foods in the snack bar as it has been described in the Journal of Consumer Research. The Psychologists are also of the view that the tightening of the hands or making the fist shows that you have strong determination to complete the work or avoid something by gathering the will power in greater number.

4. Rethink mid-morning snacking

If you want to stay slim then you can eat snack at the day time but do not eat snacks in the morning as the snacks are not the substitute of the food and they can harm your health. The study in the journal of American Dietetic Association reveals that if you take healthy breakfast but do not use the mid-morning snacks then you will be much healthier if compared to the woman who takes breakfast and use the mid-morning snacks also. Such women will lose her body weight with 7 percent to the other woman with 11 percent.

Dr. Anne McTiernan of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center said that there will be considerable gap between your breakfast and lunch so that you feel hungry and like to eat snack, this gap will provide you the hunger which is needed for your lunch time eating.

When you feel hungry and want to eat something whether it is snack, then you will have to take meal but you should not remain hungry or give more than five hours for eating food. If the time between two meals exceeds than five hours then you will feel hungry and you will look for some unhealthy food like snack

5. Eat almonds at breakfast

The famous journal, Nutrition and Metabolism, adding of almond in the breakfast will maintain your glucose levels till your lunch time. The researchers also said that the unsaturated fats and fiber present in the almonds will minimize the blood sugar after a meal. There are more calories in the nuts, which helps them to maintain the blood sugar and stops you to use the unhealthy snacking.

6. Drink a slush puppy

If you are taking exercise on a hot day, the drink with crushed ice, which will reduce your internal temperature and make you cool and it will also extend your exercise time. The journal, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise reveals a study that the people, who drank the juice before working out can run for about 10 minutes longer than other people and they can also burnt more calories before feeling the effects of the heat.

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