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Posted on 10 May 2012 at 7:01am

Long Hair Care

Long Hair Care

Care of Long Hair– Taking care of long hair is cumbersome task as long hairs waves with every blow of wind. There is always a trend of long hair but surely taking care of long hair is essential for the beauty. Long hair needs more attention as compared to short and normal length hair. It is a common thinking that “long hair are the beauty of women” for this reason most of the women have long and healthy hair. We are sharing some useful tips with you for care of long hair:-

  • Main reason of loss of hair and breaking is tied the hair with tight pony tail in daily routine. Braiding your hairs during sleeping or at night prevented. Let them loose and ensure that these are not so much tight.
  • If you have an idea for growth of your hairs, just get your hairs cut regularly after every 3 months. In this way split ends are cut off and there will be no breakage and beauty loss. Cut your hairs in the last of every month to ensure lengthy hairs.
  • Use fingers or wide tooth comb to settle your hairs instead of brush. Use of brush make hair week and split. Begin detangling of one portion of hair from roots to tips at any time.
  • It is easy to detangle your hairs before washing; it will gives faster dryness and prevent the knots of hairs. Detangling is essential for taking care of long hair
  • Do not use towel to dry your hair but blotting papers as when rubbing with towel then it tangled the hair which decrease the brightness of hair.
  • Do not use cotton pillow cases for sleeping instead use silk pillow case. Cotton pillow case gets your hair tight while sleeping and as a result break the hair. Also tie your hair up to the top of the head at the time of sleeping to maintain care of long hair.
  • You can also use silk scarf to cover your head to avoid breaking of hair while sleeping instead of using silk pillow case. You will have to look after your hair even at night for taking care of your hair.

If you want quick and healthy growth of hair then you will have to massage your hair regularly but avoid to rub your hair as rubbing cause highly breakage of your hair.

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