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Posted on 02 Oct 2015 at 5:29am

To lead a healthy and smart life, it is necessary for the people to include healthy food in their diet, which can make their heart smart and strong.

World Heart Day is celebrated on 29 September and the people should eat heart healthy foods, which can have great amount of omega-3. Salmon is good to give health to heart and walnuts can reduce the consistent danger to heart and maintain the health of the heart.

1.      Salmon

Salmon is fresh water fish and it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids & it has various benefits for the heart. The proper use of this fish can help to keep heart strong and healthy. If this fish is used in the food twice a week, then it can reduce the risk to health and keep it healthy and strong. It is delicious and it can be cooked conveniently & there are some other reasons, for which salmon can be included in the weekly food routine.

2.      Blueberries

Blueberry has good quantity of vitamin C and fiber and it can fight with the diseases effectively. Due to its disease-fighting capabilities, it can combat with the heart disease, so people should add it in their breakfast or in the wholegrain meal at the lunch time. They can also use it with other fruits or use it to make the fruit salad. People can eat it with other fruit or eat it alone to prevent the heart diseases.

3.      Walnuts

The use of five ounces of walnuts every week can reduce the risk of heart diseases. It is added with mono-saturated fats and walnuts can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It can also reduce the level of low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol and also enhance the level of high density-lipoprotein cholesterol in the body, which can give health to the body as it is provided with omega-3 fats in sufficient amount.

4.      Oatmeal

Oatmeal has sufficient amount of fiber, which can decrease the level of LDL cholesterol. It is good food for having sufficient amount of nutrients and energy, which can help in keep the level of cholesterol in control. It you use suitable amount of oatmeal in your food, it can give health to the heart and keep it in the proper condition.

5.      Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate are provided with flavanols and they can keep blood pressure in control and avoid the clotting of blood. Besides all these qualities, it can work as antioxidant, which does not allow unhealthy cholesterol to pile up in the body. It is added with 70percent cocoa content, which has minimum sugar levels to make it ideal food choice and it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It can also serve as great dessert.

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