‘Mob Wives’ War! Karen Gravano: ‘I’ve Got Soldiers & Cannons Pointing Right At’ Drita D’avanzo!0 Comments

Posted on 22 Jun 2011 at 7:46am

Mob Wives stars Karen Gravano and Drita D’avanzo are at war — and an explosive battle is about to break out during the season finale on June 26! The cause of the war? Karen’s writing a book that may or may not touch upon secrets of Drita’s husband Lee D’avanzo — and Drita had asked Karen to leave Lee out of it. Now, neither woman trusts the other and they’re both ready to attack!

“When I filed Chapter At first I was like, that’s good, because I was happy to achieve something.” “But then again, I really think it would share with me, because I really believe it. I did not know whether they gave it to me as’ You, B * tch that.” It was two balls and face the I do not know. ”

But according to Karen, took its toil gesture brought the wrong section. “My intention to him, that chapter is to extend the olive branch, because I wanted to feel,” says Karen. And then “rub in typical style, goes to Carl [Facciolo] and she appears outside as she was going to beat people.”

So women are back in each other’s throats. “I think what happened was that we should speak as himself, and then suddenly I watched the show,” Details of toil. “And then, as a” scumbag, baby daddy, riding my husband, I wouldn’tf * ck that guy on the p * ssy rub. “This girl is the low blows were to the point where my mouth was open. So I changed them to hurt me angry.”

Karen says that the problem is that fag leave the room. “I felt like I had a dig around for us,” says Karen. “We are not war over Lee. We are at war over the toil be fake * SB * tch. I told her how I felt like a friend, I want to move past.”

“What is the rub really angry is that they must admit that it is, and she does not want to admit that,” says Karen. “Drie not want to admit what she had done so and are still trying to apologize for me here.”

Karen also believes that the rub is the fear that Karen Lee tells the secret. “She’s the one thing that she and her husband are frightened that I would say,” Karen shares. “They are automatically given Defense. Are real paranoid about what I wanted to say, perhaps because her husband was a secret that is trying to hide. – And that’s not criminal mystery, because you do not give people the criminal secrets out there”

“I am very disappointed that it went so far as this way – disappointed that the whole situation is approached in this way,” says fag. “She came on a mission to fight with me and plans to embarrass me and my family. Just abuse me, that’s what its purpose was. For me, it did not seem as if he gave two sh * TS If we were friends or not because it clearly. ”

“Don’t come to my house. Don’t be my f*cking friend. And don’t do any of that if you hate me, hate my family, hate my husband” adds Drita. “When you watch the season finale, you will see why she got so irritated. Don’t preach this relationship and this friendship and all this sh*t and when I speak the truth and pull the card, you’re getting aggravated.”

Karen’s response to the current turmoil? “Drita says she wants to go to war with me?” asks Karen. “B*tch, I’ve got soldiers and cannons and they’re pointing right at you. I don’t know what you’re going to do because I won’t lose this battle. [And] I have a way bigger story than she could ever have.”

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