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Posted on 20 May 2014 at 6:47am

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman falls prey to the white powder just like Angelina and she’s not the only one to suffer from the fearful visible powder marks. These are normally caused by using high definition finishing powder in larger amount. Nicole should also talk to her makeup artist on this matter.

Rose Byrne

Last year at the ‘Glamour Women of the Year’ Awards in New York, the flashes showed the awkward under-eye concealer application of Rose while the under-eye concealer was unblended.

Lindsay Lohan

A snap of Lindsay Lohan was taken at her 2011 court hearing in which her over-bronzing Lilo looked quite worried. It seems she also looked herself in a mirror and realized she had overdone the bronzer on herself.

Jennifer Lopez

It could be very flattering if you use wrong shade of Nude lipstick but it could be more disastrous if the shade of nude lipstick is lighter than you real skin-tone. It will make you look like this as of Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Aniston

At the premiere of “Call Me Crazy: A Five Film” in 2013, few unusual cupping marks were seen at the back of Jennifer Aniston. It first looked like dodgy tan lines but later proved to be the ‘cupping’ after-effect. Cupping is an alternative Chinese therapy which believed to promote healing by increasing blood flow.

An eyes-wide-open-effect can be produced by a touch of white shadow or eyeliner along the socket lines or in the corners of the eye. In 2003 at the premiere of “Charlie’s angels: Full Throttle”, Drew seemed to go to extreme with her eyeliner, unfortunately.

Tyra Banks

In 2012, the head judge of America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks, used too much eyeshadow as compared to her eye brow. You got it right, it does really look scary.

Eva Longoria

Here below, Eva used too-heavy bronzer, too-light concealer and everything else going with her face and she really needs to change her bad contouring by consulting Kim Kardashian, the Queen of Contouring.

Geri Halliwell

She is having a serious sun burn. It’s good for her to have a bath of aloe vera to end this tanning. Next time, she’d like to take a bottle of sun lotion to protect her skin from few extra sun rays.

Emily Blunt

Emily made the classic beauty mistake before 2010’s Golden Globes by topping tan upon her but not using a darker foundation to match with this lighter shade.

Christina Aguilera

The hairline seems badly blended with heavy foundation plus too much fake tan. It doesn’t seem good for Christina as the hairline is clogged-up.

Allegra Versace

The oversized sunglasses became a requirement for you if you’re the member of one of the most famous fashion families. But as shown by the photo of Allegra’s AmfAR gala at Cannes in 2011, you are likely to be prone by some unfortunate tan lines.

Allegra Versace

Allegra Versace

Martina Hingis

The feet of Martina Hingis look different from her body as she forgot to fake tan them. What else could be said about this?

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