Rihanna and Drake split after rude argument0 Comments

Posted on 20 May 2014 at 6:29am

Rihanna and Drake split after rude argument

Rihanna and Drake split after rude argument

There are news about again splitting between Rihanna and Drake. After a brief dating in 2009, the off-again, on-again couple revived their relationship in February but now after a series of disputes, they’ve allegedly call off their romance.
A source told that Drake and Rihanna again split now. The main problem is that both are in love. That’s why they settle disputes after their fighting. It happens like this always to them.
Another source told there is another break between them again.
The 26 year old singer and 27 year old rapper remain inseparable in recent months despite their fights and last month, their friends insisted that they’ll again remain together after this separation.
An insider said that the moment both met, they had a special connection. All their friends are also happy for their union. In their inner circle, there are feelings that they are made for each other. Everyone also knows that without Rihanna, Drake could not be happier and both are suited to each other very well.
In February when Drake and Rihanna, Joined at Soixante Dix Neuf nightclub in Paris, they were spotted out together for the first time. It was admitted by the rapper that she was her dream girl, shortly afterward.
Drake said that he felt good about her as she’s cool but they’re just friends.

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