Charlie Sheen’s Webcast Draws In 100,0000 Comments

Posted on 31 Mar 2011 at 9:54am

SNL’s lead-in last night was Charlie Sheen’s ustream webcast that aired at 10 PM, EST. However, if you tuned in around 9:50 PM because you were nervous you weren’t going to get a spot (the internet can’t be THAT big, right?), you would have seen a closeup on a corner in one of Sheen’s rooms and you would have heard lots of distinct noises of flatulence (recorded ones, but still). On what exactly happened when I started things, nobody is really sure. Charlie took some ideas from the late night talk shows, and adorned his table with an index card that told him what he is talking about it, thanked his sponsors, he showed us in his desk (which was full of cigarettes, chewing gum, and Twizzlers balls), and photographed by myself and signed it as one of his fans named Josie. He also revealed a new tattoo on the inside of your wrist that says “Victory”, and even a segment where the people (and animals) that were “victory” like an eagle, which crashed into the windshield and survived. On more than one occasion, he wiped sweat from his face and was confused about whether or not he was talking about something that already (his amigos had to tell him that yes, he had actually told us about the bald eagle, which is “winning” when Sheen could not be sure). Only one of the goddesses were in the room with him (Natalie), and together, they informed us that the other goddesses, Bree Olsen, returned home to take care of family business, but it missed her. So yes, it is clear that Sheen is aware that we were with him.

More than 100,000 tuned in to watch Sheen and his friends in fedoras, but if you stayed around long enough, you would have seen the number of people watching drop to around 91,000 (at least, that’s what it was when I left the stream). Many people on Twitter were shocked that the fascinating and interesting guy we’d spent watching over the past few weeks could be so boring and erratic. None of what he did last night was new — he didn’t come forth with any new slogans or witticisms (which was probably what more than 100,000 people wanted most from the thing anyway) and when he was talking about how he was the “light on the tip of our light sabers,” Sheen’s music guy said that he liked that phrase but then Sheen told him to calm down because he’d said that before. The bottom line now is that Sheen has realized we’re interested in him and his vstreams (even though he now says “last night was treasonous to the movement”), but the even bigger bottom line is that we’re slowly realizing he’s not that interesting.

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