Katy Perry’s New Video Features Aliens and Kanye West0 Comments

Posted on 05 Apr 2011 at 11:07am

Katy Perry’s music video of E.T. was released today, and it’s the only one to date that doesn’t feature Cool Whip or an army of Gummi Bears led by Snoop Dogg. Instead, Perry floats around in majestic space in long purple Hugh Hefner robes until we see her covered in blue body paint and with white chocolate pretzels glued on her head. She looks amazing, though! Then later, she takes the white chocolate pretzel look further and dresses all in white, and wears Halloween contact lenses. She continues to float around while videos play of gazelles and giraffes having it out. It really does look extraordinary, and considering how seriously Heidi Klum takes Halloween, I wouldn’t be surprised if the model known as “The Legs” had something to do with this. Eventually, Perry lands on an abandoned planet and is drawn to a random machine lying among the fairly usable-looking tires. She wipes off the gold dust from its bubble head and sees a figure inside. The tender love awakens him and he comes out of his space suit to reveal himself as an albino man (which, culturally awakens a desire in all of us for a Powder remake), and then he and Katy walk off into the light (albeit at different speeds because she has gazelle legs) very much in love. Just like what happened for you, right?

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