Oscar Blandi Guides to Get Karlie Kloss’ Sexy Waves0 Comments

Posted on 06 Aug 2014 at 7:08am

Oscar Blandi Guides to Get Karlie Kloss’ Sexy Waves

Oscar Blandi Guides to Get Karlie Kloss’ Sexy Waves

During the summer season, Karlie Kloss has made the fantastic and excellent sexy waves. If they are not prepared appropriately then it will be looked artificial and the hair has the curler marks. Oscar Blandi, who is the hairstylist and owner of The Oscar Blandi Salon, says that layers have the basic role in making the hairstyle correctly and the women can look at the hairstyle step by step through which they can make their beautiful hairstyle.

1.         They firstly towel the dry hair and remove 30% to 40% of water from the hair. Then they should add the volumizer so that they can lift the roots.

2.         Then they should start dry their hair on the back by splitting them into two different sections with the help of clips. Then they should use the medium or large brush in the hair according to the length of the hair.

3.         When you divide the hair into section, then make the sub section of the size of the brush. After finishing the hair in drying each section then make the curls in the hair and sit it on the shoulder. The women should dry the hair and add the pin or clip to set them.

4.         Make the part of the hair from the center and blow the hair to dry towards the face. To make the section of the hair behind the frame of the face, blow the hair to dry away from the face. At the top of the section, you dry the hair and hold the dryer to follow the movement of the brush. This should be done in one movement from the roots of the hair to the downside, from the left to the right.

5.         Then the women should loose their hair for five minutes and remove the pins from the hair. They should take the little quantity of the gloss including Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil and put the oil in the hair with their fingertips & flip the hair down. Then they should move their hands gently up and down and do not stretch their curls and flip the head to the back.

6.         Make the curls in the hair with the use of brush gently

7.         Finally, they should make the curls in the hair with their fingers.


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