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Posted on 29 Mar 2011 at 12:02pm

When The Adjustment Bureau hits theaters this weekend, I’m sure we’ll all be looking forward to some of that Matt Damon charm, but he’s not the only draw for us ladies. The film also stars John Slattery and since he’s one of our favorite silver foxes, we thought now would be an appropriate time to share our top ten gray-haired heart-breakers of all time. So what makes for a fantastic silver fox? Well, it’s not just a salt and pepper or gray set of locks. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about these men. Many are funny, dapper, or distinguished. Many are well-dressed, have an alluring quality in their voices, or are just so damn good at their job that it’s sexy. So without further ado, here are our favorite silver foxes, in no particular order.


John Slattery

Even before he got into movies, or started wooing ladies as Mad Men’s Roger Sterling, or selling Lincolns as a super sexy car to anyone with a pulse, Slattery was still breaking hearts — just on a smaller scale. He not only sweet-talked Eva Longoria’s character into marriage on Desperate Housewives, he also did the same thing to Sex and The City’s Carrie Bradshaw; and he played a very important and powerful politician each time. It’s hard to pinpoint why, but Slattery is undeniably sexy. There’s a reason no one questions the hold Roger Sterling has on Christina Hendricks’ Joanie.


Clint Eastwood
You are really going to argue with Dirty Harry? Really? That is not possible. Then you have all the spaghetti westerns he starred in as The Good The Bad and The Ugly. Those tasks alone and no one should be enough reason for a swoon, but let’s add that many of his Oscars as director and his duty as composer and as mayor of Caramel, California. He also served as a member of the California State Park and Recreation Commission and many other efforts taken to protect and preserve the natural beauty of California. So wait, he is a great actor, director and general concerns about the environment? Awww.That ‘s what we call jackpot, ladies.


George Clooney

Words are failing me, because if I need to explain why Clooney is a total babe you’re probably deaf and blind and aren’t reading this anyway. The voice, the smirk, the talent, the muscles, the brains, the sense of humor — it all works together to create a man who’s irresistible to pretty much any woman ever. Why do you think he’s dated so many women who look like they were created in a Victoria’s Secret laboratory? Because he’s unrealistically sexy. Let’s add to this that he cares about the world SO MUCH. He recently contracted malaria because he was in the Sudan helping Google and the UN stop a civil war from breaking out. Read that again, because I’ve seen it 10 times and I’m still in disbelief. I’m going to have to stop because I’m about to faint just thinking about him.


Anderson Cooper
Smart, sexy, svelt, what more can you ask for? Cooper will probably gain more points for his being a journalist well-spoken, who recently risked his life to broadcast the crisis in the land of Egypt, but even before his death defying reports last month, still had a total of baby announcements. So maybe you’ve never watched Anderson Cooper 360 – which I’ll admit it was getting a little fluffy side of news for a while there – or were annoyed by his gig New Year Kathy Griffin-supported hosting, but just watching him in a suit and tell me that he’s not gay. Go ahead and try because I make sure I do not think his word.


Sean Connery

The original James Bond may be 80 years old now, but he’s a classic silver fox and to be fair, he’s probably one of the best looking men to ever reach that age bracket. Connery’s iconic Scottish brogue is a symbol of classic Hollywood and classic badassery, even in his old age, I think most people would be unwise to cross him. He’s always been one of the best wooers of women and I think his legacy will always reflect that. Heck, I’ve shamefully seen First Knight TWICE just because he plays King Arthur in it. If you need more proof, check with People. They named him the “Sexiest Man of the Century” in 1999. Can’t really argue with that.


Paul Newman

Here we have a man who I know every movie fan misses immensely. He was not only the picture of Hollywood glamor. He didn’t only have a 1000 watt smile. He didn’t only have the most piercingly beautiful blue eyes to ever sell salad dressing. He was a talented and beloved actor and director and race car driver and humanitarian. He’s like the original Clooney except he also drove race cars and I’m pretty sure Clooney has no plans to put his face on boxes of delicious popcorn.



Jon Stewart

Here we have another political hottie. Stewart is hilarious, spewing night said his biting political commentary and four for a week and make the most adulterous pundits and politicians more accountable than any of the governing body. Someone who is smart and funny and strike fear into the hearts of Bill O’Reilly and the same politicians and wears incredibly well-tailored suits them deserves our attention.




Steve Martin

Yeah, he’s getting a little past his stage where he could be considered terribly foxy, but let me remind you that Martin has fulfilled the silver part of the silver fox title for as long as we’ve known him as a comedian. From the time he sang “King Tut” on SNL, to the time he named his dog “Shithead” in The Jerk, to playing The Father of the Bride, Martin’s got the funnyman appeal with a little touch of that undefinable quality we mentioned up top. Add to all of this that he’s a pretty talented banjo player and damn good author and you’ve got the total package.


Eric Dane

Oh hello, Dr. McSteamy. You do not really watch Grey’s Anatomy understand why this guy made ​​our list. Just look at that jawline and those alluring eyes, they are like a Death Star tractor beam, and we are as helpless as the Millennium Falcon. (Sometimes I can only explain things in the Star Wars issue is a disease. they’re still medical research In simple terms, that all the Death Star that means she sexy ..)



Ted Danson

Danson’s a silver fox that we love because of his old television persona, Sam from Cheers. The reason he’s still foxy now that the show has been over for so many years is because he’s taken that Sam Malone charm and aged it like a fine wine, combining it with his famous snark and parlaying it into roles like George Christopher on Bored to Death. Or maybe it’s the way he somehow pulls off the aging Clark Kent look, but does it really matter? He’s a bona fide silver fox, end of story.


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