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Posted on 28 Jul 2014 at 5:47am

Robert Downey Jr. Considered Best Paid Actor in Hollywood

Robert Downey Jr. Considered Best Paid Actor in Hollywood

There are huge numbers of actors, who are performing in different movies in Hollywood Film industry. All these talented actors earn the money at their possible extent but there are some of the actors, who more than other actors. Robert Downey Jr is the highest paid actor of Hollywood film industry. It is estimated that he earned about $75 million during 2012 and 2013. He got the familiarity from his performance in the movie, Iron Man and he was declared the highest paid movie star.

On the second number is Dwayne, who has earned about $52 million as he performed for his acting roles along with producing the gigs. Then the next actor is Bradley cooper, who has earned approximately $46 million, as he performed different roles in the movies like ‘The Hangover’ and ‘American Hustle’. Leonardo DiCaprio is on the fourth place, who has earned about $39 million. There is another wonderful actor, Chris Hemsworth, who earned about $37 million and he remained at the fifth position. Then follow the actor named Liam Neeson, who earned $36 million and ben Affleck earned $35 million.

In the list of the 10 top best-paid actors, Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg came, who earned about $32 million. However, there are some of the actors like Brad Pitt, Johnny Deep and Tom Cruise, who did not come up to the list of the top 10 best-paid actors.

There are top 10 highest paid actors of 2014:

1.         Robert Downey Jr       –           $75 million

2.         Dwayne Johnson         –           $52 million

3.         Bradley Cooper           –           $46 million

4.         Leonardo DiCaprio     –           $39 million

5.         Chris Hemsworth        –           $37 million

6.         Liam Neeson               –           $36 million

7.         Ben Affleck                –           $35 million

8.         Christian Bale                         –           $35 million

9.         Will Smith                   –           $32 million

10.       Mark Wahlberg           –           $32 million


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