Snooki Gets Paid $32,000 to Speak at Rutgers University0 Comments

Posted on 05 Apr 2011 at 11:22am

This morning, TMZ reported the majority of the cast members of Jersey Shore haven’t signed their contracts for the show’s fourth season. They’re set to leave for Italy in a few weeks, and it seems they’re suddenly aware this gig isn’t going to last forever so they want MTV to pay them hefty sums for what could be their last season. The only person who has signed a contract is Ronnie, but he’s not the only one looking out for himself by securing his next career moves — actually, Snooki receives the more the public gives her aspect and her  just a few  weeks  ago was featured on WWE Raw Wrestlemania  took to help me.  And in the morning, we have learned to Rutgers University paid with his  $ 32,000 to the future  to speak  last night, she and the Field of  hair moves, to whom the way of life.  Er, the price of  escape offered him in for a “fee  study to  the action  of the mandate and the things my plan was to all things “the most painful  part of the  study  more difficult. Snooki he took the  $ 2,000 than $ 30,000, visiting the University of  the victor  Nobel Prize  Toni Morrison to deliver speeches in  the beginning of May.  It is not so  evil at the  the authors of Couples  possible!

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