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Posted on 04 Apr 2011 at 12:01pm

  • Despite what we’ve been hearing, Charlie Sheen will not be returning to Two and a Half Men. Since Warner Bros. hired Charlie to begin with, only Warner Bros. can bring him back, and people who are buddies with the production people over there told TMZ there is “no chance” of that happening. Now everyone, if you’ll follow me to this much bigger issue of Charlie Sheen getting on stage and earning $7 million for pointing to his “Winning” tattoo…


  • Lindsay Lohan will be back in court today to tell the judge whether or not she will accept the plea deal was offered  for stealing the $ 2,500 necklace, or if it prefers, and then refuse to go to trial for theft great crime. If she pleads guilty, she will return to the Superior Court of Los Angeles on Friday. But if she insists on going to trial, a preliminary hearing  will be  held April 22. OOOH suspense.


  • After Chris Brown lost his shit in his dressing room at Good Morning America yesterday, people began insisting that his appearance next week at Dancing with the Stars be canceled. But it’s still on. Additionally, Robin Roberts (who interviewed Brown) has invited him back to the set of GMA to have another chat.

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