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The followers living in New York have established a brand titled Imitation of Christ in 2000 which was nothing but holy. This brand was founded by two persons educated from art school named Oara Subkoff and Matt Damhave by collecting items from thrift store and slashing them into pieces, removing the labels placed on them, amending the text shown on them, and give them a new look. Their business started growing. There was a point when thanks their very old friend and disciple Chloe Sevigny for his marvelous struggles for modeling/consulting, devoted herself for one the thrift store, exhibited their collection in funeral parlor which was being watched by  Vogue’s Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley. Good things also worn out with the passage of time and even not in the name of Christian label, so Subkoff left in the team.

She worked very hard with his alive faith for a team which was run by colleagues insisted politically who considered themselves not designers but social engineers. In 2001, Subkoff and the team of Imitation of Christ jointly shot a film in which Reese Witherspoon worked, was determined to narrate the spreading of sweatshops and child labor.

In the next collection, a mock auction was organized at Sotheby’s where models and presenters presented items being sold by the auctioneers. In 2002, the team of Imitation of Christ visited Paris where they staged a show outside of the place of Christian Dior, models and presenters came into the show in ambulances by using of stretches to show and elaborate that fashion is going to died. Some time after that show, they staged a role-reversing show in which models were sitting on their seats and they were given pens, papers in their hands and they were asked to wait for critique guests who were doing catwalk in a poignant critique of the critical process itself.

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