Valentine’s Day: the world’s worst chat-up lines0 Comments

Posted on 12 Feb 2013 at 5:43am

There are various social networking sites which provide you opportunities to chat with others. This is the attractive way to chat with others or your partners. You can attract others by the simple and charming words which you say to them. But there are some chats which are considered worse than others.

Dating dos

Dating dos

There was a person who had a thermal imaging device for the checking of persons. He is the person who made arrangements for good shaving and scents of fine quality to attract women. He also checked these women with his thermal imaging device or the hotness scanner with a magic wand.

In the modern world it is not possible to avoid celebration of valentine day and most of the couple will celebrate it on their own choice. There are some other ways or the worst chat lines which you may likely to heard them rarely. These worst chat lines are updated on various social media websites like facebook or twitter.

There are some examples of bad or ugly chat which some people do by using the social media networking. They teased people by some silly and non sense questions which have no moral values.

“Have you a phone charger?”


“You surely said you have not charger.”

“Yeah! I am sure.”

“You must have a charger. It is demand of every home.”

On twitter, also some readers posted their remarks by using of all 140 characters and their posts have no meaning or sense.

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