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Posted on 27 Dec 2013 at 5:38am

Jennifer Lawrence, SCAR-winning actress has revealed that for young women, she is proud to promote realistic and positive role models.

On the eve of the world premiere of ‘The Hunger Games’, she said that katniss is a wonderful role model for young girls and it is more important to look healthy and strong. About the sexualisation of young women, she said it is a part of the entertainment industry, especially young sex sells more, but that’s not a thing that I worry about. About her own foray into lads’ mags culture, she said that she was completely comfortable with this PR move and don’t have any regrets about that.

She says that her famous fall at this year’s Oscars still plays on her mind. But she doesn’t have any plans to avoid future falls. She just has to focus more while walking.

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Positive role models talked by Jennifer Lawrence


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