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Posted on 24 May 2012 at 6:44am

The basic thing which one should remember is to have good hair cuts and without doing so all of the styling making in this world could not be able to get desired results. Short hair cut have different growth of hair at different parts of the head. This is why special attention is given for growth of hair. In very short span of time the cutting of hair looks very odd. As a general rule, it is essential to get good hair cut after every four weeks and avoid splitting of hair as well as get even ends.
Short hair styles are getting popularity among children, girls as well as women of different age groups. The things which you require for short hair style are clips, hair gel, deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner, mousse and cutting tools.
Short hair cuts need different steps which are as follow:
(1) Use 2cm frame to set the hair. It will be placed behind the front line to hair which ends 1cm above the occipital bone. Divide front hair line from the end of the right eyebrow and above the left ear. Make a 3 cm parallel line behind the previous line.
(2) Cut hair by making radial partition from mid-left eyebrows in rest of top hair. Use internal square technique every section besides front cut in square below the ear lobe.
(3) Use perimeter for checking of length of hair. Make an oval shape of your hair style by cutting of top section over the right eye beginning from the right sideburn down to the left eye.
(4) The hair of the left side be cut maximum in length to connect the sideburn. The end points of the hair make texture by use of thin shears beginning from centre of forehead. Take hair inside 5 cm from left ear to right eye brow.
(5) Select line of hair from mid-left eye and cut it by the length of 6-8 cm. cut in shape of oval and connect the length and back area. Comb your hair and get shape which you want. An attractive looking will be given by short hair style
Do not apply use permanent dye on hairs.
Do not apply huge quantity of hair products.
Do not use a large number of clips and barrettes with short hairs.

Every day wash your hair.
Get your hair cut after a month.
Wash your face to prevent oily hairs because oil can make pours in the skin.

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