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Posted on 22 May 2012 at 6:49am

Haircuts for women are very important concern as hairs enhances their beauty and the most glamorous feminine feature. Women feel themselves great and enjoy their lives with elegant haircuts. Some haircuts are very well known like bob haircuts, curls etc as they do not need much time to set. Haircuts are essential otherwise the hair get different diseases just like hair falling. Almost 80% to 100% old hairs are fallen daily, so hairs need more care. For this reason most of the women spend heavy amount on hairs.

Types of women haircuts:-

  • Long hair cuts: These are largely found and like all over the world. It is said that long hairs are the beauty of women.
  • Medium haircuts: These are mostly liked by working women.
  • Short haircuts: These haircuts are normally by the women concerning with showbiz or sports or models.

Now we are presenting you simple curl haircut.

Requirements: As our haircut is simple curl for every kind of hairs it needs rollers, hair spray, round brush, blower and conditioner etc.

Steps for simple haircut are as follow:

(1)   First wash your hair with shampoo and then use conditioner. Now leave the hairs to dry until they become smooth.

(2)   Make partitions of your hair and fold them around rollers then spray your all of your hair and let them to dry for a long time. It is very easy to fit rollers.

(3)   Now remove the rollers and comb your hairs with fingers or round hairbrush slightly so that curls may not remove out. In this way you can achieve the desirable curls. This haircut is very popular among women these days.

Tips for healthy hairs:-

  • Use deep conditioner after every two weeks which penetrates the hair shaft and give strength to strands.
  • Last parts of hairs are full of pores so give mist to them after applying home coloration.
  • Get your hairs cutting after every four weeks to avoid damaging of your hair.
  • Open your hair before washing to remove the dust.
  • Do not use brush until they are dried.
  • Use mild cold water for washing of hairs.
  • To rinse the hairs apply apple vinegar.


  • Check the meter of electric hair curler before using it for curling of hairs.
  • Use soft brush as it can open your curls very easily.
  • Let dry the wet hairs then use spray as it may cause smell in hairs as well as loss of hair.

The people having oily hairs should wash their hairs daily to avoid making of pores in the head.

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