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Real Beauty, real Girl: Life-affirming locks of Melissa Burgos

Posted on 07 Dec 2013 at 6:10am

To embracing your natural beauty, Government analyst  is a treatment. The hair blogger and U.S. Navy veteran ‘do that stops in our tracks, and than a little inspiring, her no-fuss beauty regimen is more. But as a curly-hair guru a step further, she’s taking her status: She’s helping to educate adoptive parents about how to copy for natural hair, as part of her work as a government program analyst.

From her Puerto Rican grandmother, some of Burgos’ best beauty secrets come. To be pressed down through the generations, they really work and during a recent afternoon, we committed them all to memory….

A Little Familiar ASOS Models Looks

Posted on 29 Oct 2013 at 7:01am

We spend a lot of time browsing ASOS, it goes without saying. It’s work-related “research”, we can say but the truth is, without straying into imaginary budget territory, it’s just a great place to fantasize about your new wardrobe. But lately we’ve notice a trend – with a very specific vision in mind, the massive e-tailer seems to be casting its models. We came to the conclusion that these models are actually carefully selected doppelgangers of some very famous faces after some Detective Benson levels of sleuthing.

Each of these girls has her own unique features and they’re not perfectly replicas, of course. But lots of…


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