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Posted on 30 Apr 2014 at 7:18am

There were some simple top knots and the basic side braids, which are introduced in 2012. You can look at the hair from the holiday party to the tropical getaway and you can also check the reverse French braided bun. These are excellent is protecting your hair and it can also saving the hair from the damages done due to heat styling.

Protect Hair from Blow Dryer Damage & DIY Reverse French braid bun

Protect Hair from Blow Dryer Damage & DIY Reverse French braid bun

We have already spotted the look over Nina Dobrey and we have also asked from celebrity stylist, Kim Kimble of Pantene Pro-V so that she can show us for the creation of the chic updo at home.

The women should start working and getting this great blowout with the voluminous but workable hair. This hairstyling can be done with the blow dryer and it can damage the hair and give the luscious locks, provide damage to hair shaft, dehydrating the strands, flyaways, breakage of the hair, frizz and dullness in the hair.

You can look at this reverse French Braid Bun or you can also protect the hair from the regular therapy with the use of the blow dryer.  You will keep their blow dryer away to avoid the damage in the hair.

You can use the products that can protect your from the damage caused by heat like the heat shield collection with Pantene Pro V. it can protect the hair from the 450 degree heat protection and it can also create the braid meets bun up do. In this way, your hair will be strong and shiny and let them spreading on the bathroom floor after pinning the hair. You can try this test and try this up do.

How To DIY A Reverse French Braid Bun

Protect Hair from Blow Dryer Damage & DIY Reverse French braid bun

Protect Hair from Blow Dryer Damage & DIY Reverse French braid bun

1.         Use the Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield Shampoo and Conditioner to wash the hair completely and let them dry.

2.         You can also apply Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield Potion Serum in the towel-dried damp hair, then comb the hair thoroughly in order to distribute the product evenly.

3.         You can also use a large paddle brush for blowing dry hair straight and focus on roots first then you go down to the ends of the hair.

4.         Incline the head down and flip the hair completely over your face. Then you can separate 3-4 inch wide section of the hair, which you can start right at the neck. In this way, all hair should be coming from even row of hair. In this way, the scarcity of the hair will not depend on the size of the braid and you will also increase the size of the hair.

5.         You can divide row of hair into three even sized sections. Then start braiding and incorporating of hair into each section and also cross it on the other side. If the group of new hair is smaller, then the braid of the hair will be looked intricately. You can keep the braiding of the hair and you can reach the place to make the bun of the hair.

6.         You can also collect all hair and twist them into bun at the top of the head. Then you can pin the hair with bobby pins. If you have less hair then you can use foam donut and twist the sections after starting pinning in the hair and let to move it a little bit.

If the women are still worried about the damages done to the hair then they should take the note from Kim and use the nozzle for blow-drying the hair in different sections. The women should avoid excessive use of blow dryer in the hair. However, if you use the Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield Collection and the hear damage from the blow dryer can be remained in 2011.

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