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The work of Dirk Biukkembergs is very nice and popular as he transfer the codes and nuances of sportswear to a quick style that lies somewhere of the ideas of power, health and its longevity.

He was born in Germany in 1959 and passed his graduation from Antwerp’s Royal Academy in 1983. He started working in various Belgian fashion companies and won the elegant and splendid Golden Spindle Award for best young designer in 1985. His parent were in army which gives sharp impact on his work because Bikkembergs shows the army touch in his designs with tightly structured pieces and the odd fetish leather details.

He exhibited his first collection for footwear of male in 1986, he establish strict design formula included with trademark double stitch. He exhibited male collection in 1987 focusing on knitwear and next year he exhibited his complete male collection in Paris.

Till the year of 1993 his reputation was spread and people concerned with fashion industry knew for the first Dirk Bikkembergs womenswear line, his special abilities which they also adapted. Various other lines and projected have also been got acquainted in the next years including the white label for male and female and the Red Label Bikkembergs Jeans collection in 2000. During this year the designer also won the award of Moet et Chandon Espirit du Siecle.

Bikkembergs was selected as official designer to Italian football giants in 2003 by tightly trussing thighs with his unique design of sportswear. Bikkembergs designs his clothes in such a way as he is infusing physical energy into his clothes along with sharp detail and durability.

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