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John Galliano, one of fashion designed Britain based, born in 1960 in a working class family known as Gibraltan family. He lived in the island in the beginning and then he moved to South London at the age of sox years. The early life of young Juan Carlos Antonio along with religious events and culture having sun drenched, proved a continuous impression for Galliano styles joined with the Latin tradition of dressing up has become famous for his signature.

He took admission in Wilson’s Grammar School for boys and completed his graduation in 1984 at Saint Martins. He was influenced by French revolution and titled ‘Les Incroyables’ in the graduation collection, his services had hired by Joan Burstein of Browns which enchanted the young designer in to the fashion world.

In 1990 he had to face many problems with backers and the collection considered non commercial because they started dreaming beyond conventional. Galliano exhibited his collection in Paris after moving to the city in 1992. He was considered the champion of romantic bias cut dress and tailoring the couture of ‘50s dramatically when minimalism and grunge haunting the fashion, then the announcement was made in 1995 that Galliano successfully got Hubert de Givenchy at the dusty maison de couture.

After passing of two seasons, and with the exemplary four designers Britain based of the year awards, he was appointed as creative director at Christian Dior, and exhibited his first stock for the spring/summer 1997 haute couture show. Then Galliano started making strong financially and creatively his brand and carry out his designs for his own upcoming collection both for male and female in Paris which is famous for status of fashion royalty.

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