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Posted on 08 Feb 2013 at 5:15am

Since then Scorpio and Aquarius will not forgive and forget the faults of each other their compatibility will not go high. Aquarian has the habit of loosing temper very easily. On the other hand Scorpions are dominating and they cannot tolerate the changing mood of Aquarian and they also love for freedom. Scorpions are usually demanding and Aquarians find it difficult to reach to their expectations. If both of them learn to live together then their physical relationship will get stronger.

Aquarius to Scorpio Horoscope Compatibility

Aquarius to Scorpio Horoscope Compatibility

Compatibility of Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman

An Aquarius man has unpredictable mood and Scorpio woman is very emotional and demanding so they have to face serious problems in their relationship. They are strong and keep their words. She demands a lot from her mate partner and when she does not receive the same then this relationship face problems. The Scorpion woman has to control her temper and accept her male partner as he is   then this relationship becomes successful. But on the other hand, an Aquarius man has to make compromise to make her happy quite often.

Compatibility of Aquarius Woman and Scorpio Man

there is great conflict arises between them because the Aquarius woman feels good in outdoor activities whereas Scorpio man wants to look her busy in indoor activities. As a result there is constant fight in their home. The Aquarius woman has caring and kind nature which makes this relationship to keep on going to some distance. It will be very difficult for both to spend their lives peacefully. This couple is, unfortunately, not suitable for each others.

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