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Posted on 24 Sep 2012 at 9:25am

The personality traits of the Aquarians are performing experiments and their strong commitment with their freedom. Cancerian is very sensitive and they are unable to hold on to the strong and harsh Aquarian. Cancerian always looks for security and love from his/her counterpart which they often do not succeed in getting it. They always in search of new ideas and in this effort they detach from their family. Cancerian is strongly attached with their family. But this love match does not reflect a strong and happy compatibility.

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman

Cancer to Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility

Cancer to Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility

This love match cannot be proved a successful and reasonable match because Cancer man is very emotional. But on the other side the Aquarius woman is very realistic and believes in real world. Aquarius woman is loving and caring but the Cancer man is very hesitant to accept her love and passion. Both of them share some opposite personality traits as Aquarius woman like to live alone but she has various friends rather not close ones. Aquarius likes the company of a male person who like enjoyment but not cling to her like Cancer man.

Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man

The relationship between this couple is not ideal and they do not enjoy the high spirit of life. Aquarius man has different habits as a Cancer woman has. There is a consistency for the need of security and love on the part of the Cancer woman. On the other side, an Aquarius man likes his freedom which makes this relationship a painful and problematic. If Cancer woman is married with the Aquarius man who has intellectual thinking then their relationship becomes stronger and deeper.

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