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Posted on 18 Jul 2012 at 6:16am

The personality traits of a Gemini and a Cancerian are quite different and varied from each other. They have their own thinking to solve their problems. Cancerian is practical by nature but Gemini is only wordy. Gemini has witty, humorous and intellectual nature which attracts the cancer and in the end this match proves as a love match. Cancerian returned with stability and depth in their relationship. Gemini is flirt by nature and produces jealousy and insecurity for Cancerian.

Compatibility of Gemini Man and Cancer Woman

The Cancerian woman likes the enthusiasm and power of the Gemini man. She has charismatic personality and has sensitive manners which attract the Gemini man. But with the passage of time, as the relationships are developed then differences will also rise up. His rational may not suit her emotional nature and his intention for backing up of commitment pro=vide her insecurity. As the Ganesha feels that it is necessary for both of them to become source of satisfaction for each other rather than becoming part of the problems.

Compatibility of Gemini Woman and Cancer Man

Cancer boys may cling to something. They think suspiciously and make her accused of being interested in other people and this suspicion may damage their relationship. She may make various explanations to clear the issue but she soon gets tired of him. In the beginning the cancer boy shows his affectionate nature and may attract her. He is very committed and she does not want to continue this relationship in such typical circumstances. He is flirt but his counterpart wants to control his flirtatious nature by giving her love and support.

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