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Posted on 22 Oct 2012 at 6:13am

Libra to Cancer Horoscope Compatibility

Libra to Cancer Horoscope Compatibility

There are some personality traits between the Libran and Cancerian. Librans are lovely and active people but Cancerian is moody and emotional. Both of them have different needs so they may not fulfill the requirements of each other. Librans like to attend the social gatherings and are adventurous by nature but Cancerian like to stay at home and they also need privacy. Their relationship may get strong if they try to understand the feelings and needs of each other. Cancer is very emotional and expects caring and cuddling from their counterpart but on the other hand Librans are practical and do not try to understand the feelings of his partner.
Compatibility of Cancer Man and Libra Woman

the love match between the Cancer man and the Libran woman is matchless. But =there are some problems which creates distances between them. Libran woman is spendthrift but Cancer man has the habit of orientation of money. Cancer man is emotional and sensitive but Libra woman is very easy in spending money and carefree. This match has the chances to end very soon and will not continue for a long time. According to Ganesha, both the zodiac signs are very mature but their bond will not fragile to break off the love match.

Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Libra Man

As Astrology says that when two zodiac signs bond with each other, the compatibility plays a necessary and basic role in sharing their destiny. The relationship working between the Cancer woman and Libra man will not get strength and their compatibility will not strong enough to the highest level. The Cancer woman always in search of love and support keeps nagging to the Libra man. Libra man disturbs by the nasty behavior of his female counterpart. According to Ganesha, both of them have different requirements which do not declare them as a perfect couple.

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