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Posted on 11 Aug 2012 at 9:36am

Taurians are well known for their strong determination. They possess great ability to concentrate on the goals which helps them to reach their destination. You may create a functional life for yourself due to your requirement for stability and simplicity, even though this life may seem boring to others. You do not give time to unnecessary risks which may place your solid footing in jeopardy. Taurians sometimes feel the importance of looking for the senses which will make everything else take care. It may be that you get attracted more to the pleasure and material things bring your senses and little towards the object themselves. You may make your surrounding beautiful and warming by your nice linens, clothing, food and music. If you desire to get something for your survival, then keep in your mind that there is a lot of beauty behind the material world of material possessions.

Taurus Key Planet: Venus
The second closest planet to the earth is Venus which is the planet of love and desire. She is the symbol of romance and beauty. Venus is not only physical love but also about ideal love. She represents the charm and beauty which we look for in the person whom we love. Venus is sensual and simple.

Second House: Possessions
The second house of the planet indicate the thing which we attach great value. Its spheres also included with personal possessions. The thing which shows personal value always related with the second house. This planet also indicates the immaterial things. Any thought concerning with most important things for you or your own values represents thinking of the second house.

Taurus Element: Earth
the signs of earth are surely practical. According to the astrologers, the signs of earth base their life on reality and not based on fake things. Sensation have great importance than thoughts or feelings. The sign of earth live with their feet on the ground. Their sensibility draws others to get the advice. The sign believe in seeing that what is going on.

Taurus Strength:
A sensible outlook on life is the forte of the people born under Taurus.

Taurus Weakness:
The shortcoming of the Taurians is that they can accept less than they deserve.

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