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Posted on 09 Oct 2012 at 6:20am

Virgo to Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility

Virgo to Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility

It may be that this relationship has to face lack of emotional bonds. Both are intelligent and share fair deal of intellectual discussions. A Virgo has the capability to solve all problems which he confronts. On the other side An Aquarian does not use any kind of reasoning behind his actions. This type of love match will work slowly in the compatibility chart. They have their own ways to complete the demands or requirements of each other resulting into fair type of compatibility.

Compatibility of Aquarius Man and Virgo Woman

In the beginning, both of them may have charm to attract the personality of each other. With the passage of time, they move away from each other. There are less chances of stability in their relationship. An Aquarius man is very demanding and dominates his counterpart and as result there is some problems in their relationship. Virgo woman becomes impressed by his positive nature but she disappointed for his lose temper immediately. Avoid making such type of relationships as there are fewer chances of its success.

Compatibility of Aquarius Woman and Virgo Man

if Aquarius woman and Virgo man want to make this relationship successful then they will have to put a lot of struggle. A Virgo man is worried even over trifles but the Aquarius woman is hopeful and does not lose heart in bad situation also.  Both may act as the source of inspiration for each other through which they can attain their purpose in life. The compatibility between them is always normal and balance means not too good and not too bad. Their relationship may prove their love match is good to some extent.

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