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Posted on 14 Jan 2013 at 6:34am

Aquarius to Cancer Horoscope Compatibility

Aquarius to Cancer Horoscope Compatibility

There are number of qualities in Aquarian consisting of performing various experiments and love for freedom. The Cancerian is very sensitive and he has no ability to control the harshness of his counterpart – Aquarian. Cancerian needs security and warmth but his Aquarian partner has secretive nature and failed to provide comfortable situation. In search of new and j=unique ideas, they detach from their families. But on the other hand, Cancerian has very strong emotional bond with his family. In short, they do not have strong and ideal compatibility.

Compatibility of Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman

the Aquarian man is totally different from his Cancer woman in their habits and ideas which results in to weak relationship and they cannot enjoy the adventure of life. The Cancer woman always search for security and love but An Aquarian man loves his freedom which turns into a painful and troublesome relationship. There is only one condition of nurturing the emotions of a Cancer woman if she gets married with Aquarian man having intellectual thinking.

Compatibility of Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man

Cancer man has very emotional realistic thinking and Aquarius woman is indecisive which is not an reasonable situation for a perfect love match. An Aquarius woman is kind and loving but in spite of all this she gets no response from the hesitant Cancer man. There is very controversial situation indicates that Aquarius woman loves living in isolation but she has good circle of her friends but they are not close one. An Aquarius look for the company of such male partner who is funny and amused but not stick to her like Cancer man.

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