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Posted on 19 Sep 2012 at 5:44am

Cancer and Leo both have different behavior which will hurt the honor of their counterpart. Their compatibility is also strong because Leo wants to be a leader and Cancerian is a true follower. This love match becomes successful and turns into a happy couple. Leo feels satisfied but on the other hand Cancerian shows his love by admiring him. The hiccup comes into their compatibility comes when they lose their temperament. But on the whole their relationship will work well and it also develops to a large extent because they like the company of each other.

Cancer to Leo Horoscope Compatibility

Cancer to Leo Horoscope Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Leo Woman

The compatibility of this love match becomes successful if Leo woman and Cancer man make efforts to compromise with each other and understand their behaviors. Cancer man is arrogant and lofty but on the other hand the Leo woman needs love, peace and harmony. If Cancer man tries to give her the adoration and compliments which she needs desperately then this will prove a fantastic love match. Both of them are sensitive, and easily hurt by the bad temper of each other. According to the astrology this love match will be proved a successful and perfect match provided it is nurtured with great care.

Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Leo Man

Leo man feels no hesitation to share his things. Leo man is in the habit of passing time with his partner so the compatibility of this love match becomes very high. The relationship of Leo man with the Cancer woman is very strong because the Cancer woman wants faith and respect and Leo man gives her love, passion and respect. They respect the emotions of each other. Leo man proves a good partner and support his female counterpart in the time of need and difficulty. Loyalty and commitment are the basic ingredients which make this relationship very strong and everlasting.

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