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Posted on 09 Aug 2012 at 9:03am

Both Leo and Aquarius have their ego with them which creates some problems for them and their compatibility is also not good. The physical chemistry of this pair is good. Having the characteristics of confidence and intellectual powers of Aquarius who may attracts Leo physically. Although they do not share a fair compatibility but most of the things are common in them. Aquarius has flak nature which may hurt the pride of Leo.

Compatibility of Leo Man and Aquarius Woman
If Leo man learns to respect the freedom and discreetness of Aquarius woman then a good relationship may develop in them and she also need to understand the intimacy. They have powerful physical nature which helps them to increase their compatibility. Both of them have nurtured with unique talents which encourage them to feel the pleasure of great moments of life. A Leo man is constrained with his own problems but the Aquarius woman is worried about the problems of the world. If they respect each other then their relationship will go strong. In the beginning this relationship is fine and goes smoothly but in the end it may end up with a mess.

Compatibility of Leo Woman and Aquarius Man
According to the astrologer, An Aquarius man feels this relationship as a burden. But the Leo woman tries to make this relationship enthralled. Aquarius man has a sarcastic nature which may fuel criticism in her. In these circumstances both of them ready to fight. This relationship will go ahead for some distance if they give love and affection to this relationship. This relationship can enjoy the various colors of life because of their opposite nature.

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